Ashley Dearinger, CEO/Founder

I Would Rather Be Reading founders Ashley Dearinger and Allison Ogle, were both raised in Louisville, KY and received bachelors and masters degrees in the education field from the University of Louisville. Ashley began her teaching career at Jacob Elementary in 2010, followed shortly after by Allison in 2013, which is where their journey began. 

Over the years both served as primary classroom teachers and reading interventionists. Allison went on to become a certified Reading Recovery Specialist and Ashley a Social Emotional Learning Resource teacher, primarily focused on Trauma Informed Care in the classroom setting.

Through their shared experiences with teaching at schools in south and west Louisville and understanding how trauma impacts the brain, both recognized that a trauma responsive literacy approach to working with students and families is absolutely necessary.

Over the years both have worked with multiple families who felt left behind in the educational system due to inequities surrounding systematic racism, such as a lack of knowledge concerning child advocacy in the school setting, teacher skill level, and generational distrust based on their unique experiences in the school setting.

Allison Ogle, Chief
Development Officer

Striving to do better as educators and advocates, Ashley and Allison launched their first summer program, Camp Good Books in 2018. At this summer camp, students and guardians both began the healing process. Nine students and three teachers came together every day to practice social emotional learning skills and receive individualized reading intervention. Through this approach, all nine students made 6-12 months of literacy growth in a six week time frame, ultimately changing the course of their educational experience moving forward. 

The student success at this camp lit a fire in the souls of Ashley and Allison, as well as their students. I Would Rather Be Reading has since trained 29 Trauma Informed Reading Mentors (TIRM), partnered with three schools, and created training courses for teachers, as well as other nonprofit organizations.

Since the onset of COVID, our organization launched programming to support families and students through the NTI process for students residing in south and west Louisville. Keep up to date with our organization by checking back regularly to see what new programming we are offering, upcoming events, and opportunities to get involved!